Overkill hasn’t been in players’ best books over the past couple of months, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better any time soon. But at least Overkill aren’t ignoring what’s going on, right? Well, sort of. In response to all of the drama recently, Overkill’s Almir Listo sat down with Steam Moderators to discuss the changes made to the game which has caused such an uproar.

In case you’ve missed it. Payday 2 has been running a huge event called the Crimefest. During this event the Black Market Update launched which introduced a microtransaction system which essentially required players to pay to unlock rewards earned in the game. This caused uproar and Overkill quickly made changes to make it possible to unlock these rewards while playing the game.

From here however things just got worse, Listo made comments during a reddit AMA, first apologising for the update, then contradicting that apology by stating that things were actually going well and microtransactions aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Essentially it felt like a huge middle finger from Overkill.

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If you thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. The latest comes via another update which introduces Team Boosts, a perk which can be used to bring in extra cash and XP bonuses to everyone you complete a heist with. The more players with a Team Boost, the better the effect is. There’s just one problem here, the only way to get Team Boosts is by paying for drills to unlock safes, thus we come full circle back to the Black Market Update.

In addition, the Completely Overkill Safe was given to those who purchased the Overkill Edition of Payday 2 a while back. This rewards players with one of 25 weapon skins and 7 bits of DLC, out of the 27 up for sale. The problem here? Everything is randomised, meaning you could get utter crap, while someone else could get something fantastic.

This angered players even more who ended up turning on the Steam forum moderators, who are voluntary and are not associated with Overkill in anyway, to receive the brunt of the insults and threats from players – which totally isn’t okay – causing them to go on strike. As you can imagine, all hell broke loose.

Payday 2: What is the Safehouse?


This brings us onto the latest out of Overkill, the 2 hour interview with Listo and three Steam moderators. In the interview, Listo didn’t really seem apologetic, despite saying it a number of times, what he did do was dodge around every serious question asked of him.

The reason why he thinks fans are angry? It’s not because they lied about microtransactions, nor the fact that players are being rewarded crap for a $20 pack they bought a while back, it’s the fact that Overkill didn’t discuss the direction they wanted to go with the game, to fans…

We’ve always had a very strong relationship with our core community, and the last few months it feels like that’s slipped away. And I’m incredibly saddened by that, y’know? And we have to work hard to regain the trust that was lost.

Regaining trust would be dumping microtransactions completely, right? But still, they’re not going anywhere any time soon…

We could’ve done much better to make people feel appreciated because it’s not a success if people are angry. That’s a bad thing, that’s a really, really bad thing. It doesn’t matter how good of a feature you release, if people are angry, they’re angry, and that’s what people are going to focus on.

Payday 2: What is the Safehouse?

For the most part, it all just seems like PR speak. There’s no real apology here, nor are their any concrete plans being revealed as to how Overkill are going to regain that trust. One thing that is worth noting is that Overkill have always said that they’ll try and do better at communicating with fans, but have never actually followed through with that promise, until now.

So I guess that’s something, right?

Oh, and I’m still pissed that the Xbox One version is still a complete shit show with no real proof Overkill are working to fix it. And at this point, if an update did arrive I doubt I’d give two shits, considering Rainbow Six Siege is just around the corner.

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