Rainbow Six Siege Gets an Open Beta Next Week

For those of you who hadn’t gotten enough of Rainbow Six Siege’s closed beta a few months back, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be able to play the game early, just a few days before the game’s actual release, as Ubisoft is holding an open beta on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The beta is set to take place next week startng November 25 all the way until November 29, yep, just a few short days before the game actually launches on December 1. If however you were a part of the game’s closed beta, you’ll gain access to the game 24 hours early on November 24 – though exact launch times will vary by region.

Much like the closed beta, the open beta will come with a limited number of maps for players to play on, Kana, Hereford, and House. The open beta will however come with three game modes including two PvP modes, Bomb and Secure Area, as well as the PvE Disarm Bomb mode, similar to the Terrorist Hunt mode, but players are tasked with infiltrating an enemy stronghold in order to disarm a bomb, once you’re in however, the enemy will come swarming in, so it’s up to you to set up defences.

Players will be able to play as 14 different Operators, including Tachanka and the sniper Glaz, unfortunately Fuze, a fan favourite, won’t be available in the open beta.

Oddly, despite the open beta launching so close to the launch of the actual game, your data won’t actually transfer over, so you’ll have to start from the beginning… again.

Until then however, here’s a live-action trailer for Rainbow Six Siege starring Idris Elba.

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