The Full Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List is Coming This Week

Though Microsoft has always touted that around 100 games will be available when backwards compatibility comes to the Xbox One this November, they’re yet to actually tell us which Xbox 360 games will actually be backwards compatible.

Sure we’ve heard from one or two developers as well as having an initial list of titles available to those on the preview program, but for the full confirmed list, we’re going to have to wait. Fortunately it won’t be for too long.

Microsoft will reveal the full-list of Xbox 360 games playable on the Xbox One on November 9. Microsoft announced the news in a tweet.

Though a number of first party games have already been revealed as well as a few third party titles, Microsoft have been encouraging players to vote on which games they’d like to see as well as asking players to pester publishers for backwards compatibility.

Apparently Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg thinks that there are “tens of millions” of Xbox 360 fans waiting to get an Xbox One, and backwards compatibility is one of the reasons they’ll be making the switch this holiday season.

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