The latest Naruto movie is coming out in theatres soon, and the latest Dragon Ball Z film was really successful, so it’s time for Naruto to pick up the slack and get those movies across the pond.

Of course, a big franchise like Naruto Shippuden may have finished its original story. Though parts will continue in spin-off manga’s, video games and movies. So, with that coming, let’s pop up some ideas of what me and hopefully other people would like to see from the franchise.

I mean games fill-in the void and I’m just trying to get over my bizarre issues of re-watching anime – honestly, one day I’ll get over it – but until then, let the suggestions of oddness commence!

More Anbu: Black Ops Ninjas in animal masks who also wear stab vests? All these questions need to be answered somehow. That Kakashi Anbu was some of the best filler ever, plus, maybe it’s just me, but I’d like to see a show about ninjas being stealthy. Since that’s the main part of being a ninja.

I mean come on, Might Guy can’t join the Anbu, because he isn’t stealthy, but he’s A NINJA. NINJAS ARE STEALTHY!!

Adventures from the other teams: I know this has been covered in fillers, though most of these adventures tend to be small scale. Surely Rock Lee and Neji had some huge impactful adventures? I mean, Naruto doesn’t get to have all the fun right?

Boruto joins the Anbu: It doesn’t make sense for Boruto to have a personality similar to that of his father during part 1. Naruto was annoying and irritating because he was lashing out a society who ignored him, Also, think about it, if Naruto’s parents died when he was a baby, who looked after him? Ponder that question as you picture Bolt dressed as an Anbu. You’re welcome.

More and More Rock Lee: More spring-time of youth, more of Guy and Lee solving crimes dressed as Batman and Robin, More of Guy and Lee beating ridiculous villains, just more Lee. My life is not complete without Lee.

Any other suggestions? Just let me know.

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