Spencer in danger

I mean we saw it coming from a mile away. Everyone was freaking out about it for the past month. Glenn ended up being alive. I was one of the people who figured as much, but at the same time it’s a bit disappointing that they played this up so much. Now how are we to believe it if he actually dies? Of course, this could be to set us up for a very brutal demise such as one that (spoilers for the comics: he may be in store for if they follow the source material) but that’s just one possibility. Regardless, the show didn’t tiptoe around it and used the various hanging plot-threads to tie it all together for the big free-for-all in the mid-season finale next week.

Speaking of the mid-season finale, as teased lightly all episode long, the watchtower came tumbling down. The Walking Dead is always odd when it comes to it’s foreshadowing elements. The odd hole in the wall with the blood dripping was glimpsed at the end of the previous episode; and seen three times here. And we still know exactly as much about it: nothing. A stray bullet? But then what’s with the blood and oh it’s just weird. The odd shots of the tower falling apart bit by bit were far more effective; and it added tension to the scene of Spencer attempting to high-wire act his way over there, and the conclusion where the whole thing fell at exactly the worst angle.

There was more tension, primarily from Rick and Carl, between the consequences of their group being here, and the rest of the Alexandrians. Rick being angry at Tara for risking her life for one of them being a bit overly selfish, despite another resident helping him out when he needed it, and asking for him to not give up hope on them. This was good; it probably won’t get through to him, but it was a good attempt. Same with Deanna and her thanking Rick for saving her son. The whole thing just felt odd. Plus, with Nicholas 2.0- I mean Ron- sneaking some bullets and skulking behind Carl, it’s feeling like a very tired idea. Yeah, in the apocalypse people don’t get along. But is Ron seriously so upset to the point that he would try to shoot someone, for what exactly? Because you don’t like them? Because they liked the same girl? Hopefully it’s not quite what it seems to be, but right now it just feels like a dull retread of a plotline we just got over.

Glenn and Enid

But yes, what everyone is excited about: Glenn is alive. Him being helped by Enid was nice, as it gave him a companion to help alleviate the melancholy tone after spending over a day under a dumpster. That was a smart way to survive; while many people assumed it was Nicholas’ body being torn into on top of him, everyone wondered how the walkers would simply ignore Glenn there. Rolling under the dumpster was a simple solution, as after he killed the few at the edges no more could fill in the space. It worked, it was clean; it wasn’t some elaborately faked survival ala Sherlock. Honestly, pretty much exactly what we expected. Enid’s depressing, yet for some reason determined nature to just survive somehow was a fitting contrast to Glenn’s motivation to get back to the group, and to Maggie.

Finally, Rick and Michonne confronted Morgan about his mercy. They talked to him about it as if it were an addiction. As if they needed to give him an intervention. While it seems they respect his stance, they know that his policy leaves them vulnerable. Especially with the one Wolf being held in captivity, and apparently recieving treatment. So it’s not a walker bite that he’s injured with? Again, it seems very odd, and we’re not sure if the Wolves are meant to still be considered a threat, or if the new gang from Daryl’s episode is. We have no way of knowing if more of the Wolves are even around. With The Walking Dead building for the long haul, it often gives us this feeling that we’re missing something. Pieces fall into place and it’s rewarding, but for now we seem to just be waiting.

This was a very somber episode, and not too much happened. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing; the show is known for its slow burn and giving us breathing room. But we’ve had a lot of that lately. Of course, this was to build us up for the aforementioned midseason finale, where we will likely see many more nameless Alexandrians be murdered en masse. So it served its purpose, it got us where we wanted to go. Not too much else though.

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