Will We Finally Have A Woman In Black In Men In Black?

Did anyone else see the end of Men In Black, and then wonder what the hell happened in the beginning of Men In Black 2? They seemed to have left 1 off at a perfect set up for Linda Fiorentino’s Dr. Laurel Weaver to become a welcome part of the story line, but she never did. In fact, she is no where to be found in either 2 or 3, like the screenwriters simply forgot about the way that they ended the first movie.

For those of you that always wondered like I always did, here’s an interesting reveal: One of the producers for the up and coming new MIB movie, Laurie McDonald, said the following when speaking to Newsbeat about the film – “There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film],”

No word on if the female will be the one that was left behind, but it’s something, right ladies?

Other than this tidbit and the fact that there’s no release date stated anywhere, the only other thing that we know is that Mr. Smith is not coming back to play Agent J. However, Mrs. McDonald’s comment on that was “Never count Will out”, so I guess we don’t really know much of anything do we.

Considering that the movie is about a secret organization, that kind of seems fitting.

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