Xbox One Controller Remapping Available to All

For those of you who’d like more of a custom controller experience with your standard Xbox One controller, then there’s good news, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One Controller button remapping is available to all as part of the New Xbox One Experience.

Personally, I haven’t seen the appeal of changing button configurations, but for those who do, you now can.

Through the Xbox One Accessories app, this new highly-requested feature will allow you to customise button configurations on a per-game basis, with each player on the console having their own configurations.

Of course, Microsoft are still touting the Xbox One Elite Wireless controller as the best choice for those who want a custom experience, but for those who don’t have £119.99 to spend, the standard controller will have to do.

In order to access the settings, all you need to do is head to one of these three places:

  • Settings / Kinect & Devices / Devices & Accessories
  • Settings / Ease of access / Button mapping
  • Launch the Xbox Accessories app directly

For standard controllers, you’ll be able to switch button pairs, so changing X to LB, LB will automatically be switched to X. This maintains the button configurations on the controller, and various swaps can be done in sequence to move button commands to where you want them to be. Microsoft notes that remapped configurations are limited to the console they’re configured, meaning a new Xbox One will need to have the controllers set up again.

Remapping is available not only for the first party Xbox One controllers, but also for third party controllers too. Remapping is however currently only available for Xbox One consoles, with PC options coming at a later date.

Of course, for those who own the Elite Controller, you can remap any number of buttons to the same command with the only required buttons needed to be mapped somewhere are A and B. Remapped settings are also stored directly on Elite controller, so you can bring your custom settings to another console or PC.

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