Check out the New Batcave from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I’m starting to think characters from the Marvel and DC universe work at Entertainment Weekly. Does Batman have a spy in Wayne Manor? Is their a sneak in Avengers Tower? Apparently so.

Everyone needs a little strip of something to call home… Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, which is based out in either the South or the North Pole. The Green Lanterns have a whole planet to themselves which is called Oa. But Batman probably has the coolest one, the Batcave. This is where he bases his war on crime from, it houses all the Bat-Vehicles and gadgets.

In the old black and white serials, the Batcave was born, as just a cave, with nothing special about it at all. Then Adam West came along with all of his plot convenient devices that helped solve the crime of the week.

The 90s Batman movie caves, they tended to vary from gloomy and gothic, under the helm of Tim Burton, all the way to garish and over the top, from Joel Schumacher.

Our last live action Batcave was from the Nolan films and was very briefly featured. This time around we get the most high tech and actually quite lethal looking Batcave.


Just remember, it can be assumed from what we know about Batman vs Superman, Bruce Wayne retired from being Batman a while ago and moth-balled Wayne Manor and the cave.

Check out the crazy number of stairs in that one compartment. Why would one require so many stairs?

You can’t see a lot of the other different gadgets and vehicles you’d expect a superhero billionaire to have, but I’m sure he’s got a few bits hidden around the place.


Notice the use of blue in the cave, giving the place an electronic feel, not to dark and grungy like most of the aesthetic of the most recent DC movie.