Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review

Well that was one way to set us up for a crazy climax. A lot happened this week in Agents of SHIELD, and a lot of it was good.

It’s a complete shame that the instant we come to be able to fully trust Rosalind, boom. There goes that. But I can’t even be mad because of how well done it was. That scene alone had me wondering how much time had passed, how fond they’ve grown, the promise of their future together, and boom. Seeing Coulson back in action, fighting in fury to save his own life and his renewed passion to take on Ward, but all of Hydra was fantastic.

Same with Banks. Sure, he was the token right-hand-man tough guy for Rosalind, and with her gone he serves little purpose. But it might have been nice to see him make a sort of redemption for his asshole-ery and become a real member of the team. The cast has grown so large, he wouldn’t have seemed like an outlandish inclusion. Coulson’s interrogation bringing us back to the core of the group was wonderful as well, reminding us of just how large the cast has grown, as well as how much the initial members have. Fitz and Simmons were the highlight here, not Daisy which was particularly impressive. These were then paralleled in Ward’s interrogations of them, where they brought just as much growth and emotion as they did speaking about him as when they did speaking to him.

Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review - n3rdabl3
Hunter’s bank robbery heist was a funny little setpiece that didn’t amount to much; but hey, it didn’t need to.

That Hydra kicks into gear on their plan to bring back this being from the other planet so soon seems odd, but again fits the increased pace of Agents of SHIELD as a whole. Everything was focused, though there were tidbits of Bobbi and Hunter’s romance, the focus was squarely on killing Ward, and the portal. So far this might be the most focused the show has ever been, and it’s all the better for it. However it’s easy to forget this is at the expense of other captivating plotlines, such as the Coulson-Rosalind romance. In the end she seemed like  a mere plotpoint, a blip on the radar used to push the show toward its next setpiece. While it had power, it was good, and it led to greatness, it is still just as sad to see her go.

Malick and Ward’s dynamic is another one of these captivating relationships. Ward seems to love to fall to second in command, despite his attempts to cut his way to the top. So of course he was going to be manipulated into going into the portal. Of course he would believe that he was leading. He’s delusional, but terrible. After everything he’s done, he’s become another truly great villain in television. You hate to love him. Hopefully no matter what happens though, he simply doesn’t get locked up again. I’d be interested in seeing him continue to rise in power, but if he does get taken down one more time make it permanent. With this being about the third attempt this season so far to kill him, god you’d really hope they manage it at some point huh?

What else? The Secret Warriors! With Mack being made Director for a time being (if anyone’s earned it, let’s be honest it’s him) he decided to do away with all of Andrew’s guidance, and kicked the initiative into place. While nothing much came of it here, we will be getting some superpowered showdowns in the midseason finale, which is always something to look forward to.

A great installment of Agents of SHIELD is bringing us hurtling toward either a tense midseason cliffhanger, or the conclusion to the shows current plotlines. We seem to be hurtling toward it as fast as Coulson toward that portal. He uhh… he had to have hit that at terminal velocity right? He’s dead. He can’t be alive. No way.