Apparently, The Wu-Tang Clan… or Bill Murray, Can Steal Back the $2 Billion Album

If you’ve been living under a musical-free rock these past few weeks, you may have missed that the super secret, one of a kind, Wu-Tang Clan album, The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin had been purchased by everyone’s favourite Pharmaceutical Mogul, Martin Shkreli. As a result, fans of The Wu-Tang Clan and pretty much everyone has been somewhat frustrated that we’re probably never going to hear this album now.

But there may be hope.

Apparently, upon purchasing the album for $2 billion, Shkreli had to sign a contract which he clearly didn’t read, as it contained a clause, a pretty hilarious one at that, which basically stated that if the current members of The Wu-Tang Clan, or actor Bill Murray, could steal back the album, they wouldn’t face any consequences.

Here’s the clause in full:

The buying party also agrees that at any time during the stipulated 88 year period, the seller may legally plan and attempt to execute one (1) heist or caper to steal back Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which, if successful, would return all ownership rights to the seller. Said heist or caper can only be undertaken by currently active members of the Wu-Tang Clan and/or actor Bill Murray, with no legal repercussions.

We’re not entirely sure if this is a legitimate clause in the contract or whether it’s made-up guff, especially considering the source of the supposed clause, but Clan member, RZA has considered stealing it back.

Apparently, RZA wasn’t very happy about the sale to Shkreli, telling Bloomberg that no one in the Clan had heard of Shkreli, nor were aware of his reputation before closing the deal, however he noted that a “significant portion” of the proceeds were donated to charity.

Whether or not the clause is true, it would be absolutely hilarious to see the Clan and Murray come together to pull off an elaborate heist to retrieve the album. Someone, please make that into a movie.