Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday” Review

Similar to last year’s Arrow/Flash crossover, the second part was better than the first. Like, a lot better. It was better than last year’s second part too. If it weren’t for the fact that this episode isn’t at all just an episode of “Arrow” (there wasn’t a single flashback scene) I would say that this is single-handedly the best the show has had to offer in several years. Instead, it just shows us just how much this TV universe has to offer as a whole.

Following right after last nights “The Flash,” we pick up in Central City where the entire combined Teams Arrow and Flash hole up in a nice, quaint country house outside of city limits, so as to avoid Vandal Savage. Yes, Thea even popped a joke about “a group of superheroes hiding in a farmhouse? I feel like I’ve seen that in a movie.” So yeah, I take it the Ultron vibes from yesterday were fully intentional. There, the team got a chance to recuperate and hash out a plan of attack on Savage; and Barry “ghosted” once again. The instant I saw that afterimage I shrieked. Even though the idea of having an alternate universe version of Harrison Wells walking around has become normal, it is still just so damn cool to see time travel. Every time.

So we knew Barry was going to run so fast he would tear through time. But why? Like Cisco said, it could be good or bad, but bad omens started popping up left and right. Considering the unfortunate lives of the cast, it didn’t seem too out of place, but after the initial confrontation with Savage it seemed clear this was going to be a mission of oiling up the rig, finding the faults in the team and fixing them before its too late.

Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday” Review - n3rdabl3
So you’re telling me they get along now? Are they lovers? Is she just going along with this because he said so? Oh come on, girl. You can do better than that.

Oliver’s reaction to the time-travel news was surprisingly relaxed, but then again maybe he had a bit much to deal with. The secondary conflict aside from Savage was very much the discovery that he did in fact have a son, Connor William. Oliver’s insistence on becoming a part of his life seemed odd, and I get that it was his way of wanting to make amends for the sins of himself in the past and his mother, and it’s not that it was uncharacteristic necessarily. This new Oliver Queen does seem like the kind who would love to have a son, and a family. As for how exactly that fits into his life? He said in the previous episode he was wrong when it came to guys like them not being able to get the girl, but maybe there’s more to it than that.

Kendra and Cisco tried to air out their greivances with everything, with Cisco very much being on Team Choice and Carter being Team Fate. The first pep talk with Carter forcing her to “embrace the anger” was typical of people with latent powers, and seemed like quite harsh love, which made sense later on. With the big assault on Savage, everything that could have gone wrong did. Not only did the Hawks die, but Savage lay waste. At first it seemed like something that could be solved; but then Oliver melted and everyone died. Barry ran from thermonuclear devastation, and went Groundhog Day on a mission to find exactly what they were doing wrong.

In the end it was down to Oliver and Cisco to fix it all. Oliver needed to find a way to balance his love for Felicity and his new desire to see his son. Her discovery of his lie was the only thing that hurt her, and if Barry had only heard that part then everything would be fine, he could have just told him to tell the truth and boom! No more relationship drama. But of course then the mother wanted him to not tell anyone, but how would she know? It seems like drama for drama’s sake. That even in the end he didn’t tell her really sucks, especially if my prediction about that season premiere’s flashforward is correct. Felicity may well die without knowing that Oliver lied to her about his son.

Arrow – “Legends of Yesterday” Review - n3rdabl3
I could very easily crop Diggle and Thea from this picture, or the episode entirely, and no one would notice.

On the other hand: Cisco and Kendra. His helping her to finally figure out the secrets, to be true to herself about what she wants and to embrace who she was not out of Fate but out of Choice was perfect. Seeing the beauty in the gift she has. That ended up leading them to the asteroid MacGuffin to save the day. But it’s still dumb that she’s flying off with Carter. So what, you dated before? He’s abusive, he’s a dick, and he feels like he “owns” her and that doesn’t seem like the best message. Sure, he knows the most about her and can train her, but with Savage “dead” there’s nothing chaining them together anymore.

Finally. seeing the whole cast combine to become something more in the face of insurmountable odds is good. The parallel scene of Ollie and Barry holding the staff as compared to the previous attempt which left the former a pile of ash was especially nice. But, it felt like they were the only two who did much. Diggle fired a few shots, Laurel screamed once, and Thea danced maybe? Most of the supporting cast that wasn’t Cisco and Felicity felt like they weren’t really there for any reason in particular, but it still led to a nice big final costumed fight, so why not I guess. It was awesome one way or another, and a perfect way to round out that plotline.

While I’m glad for Malcolm to have something devious to do instead of just being a bad influence on Thea, resurrecting Vandal Savage seems like a tremendously bad call. But hey, we still need that spinoff to happen, eh?

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