Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin all set to join Smash Bros as final DLC’s

In case you missed it yesterday, the last Nintendo Direct for Super Mash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS took place revealing the games final DLC fighters and stages.

The already announced Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 was given a lot more detail and a full move set breakdown to help players get a feel for the famous fighter. Both the classic outfit and his Advent Children one are available, and even his sword will change with these. Speaking of which, Cloud’s Buster Sword is as big as him but it doesn’t slow him down.

Cloud uses a lot of 3-hit chain attacks and a range of special moves which, when his limit break is full, much like Little Mac’s KO gauge, get extra powerful. The new Midgar Stage also mixes things up by including summons that any player can pick up and use in the battle to unleash massive damage.

Cloud is available right now for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game and the new Midgar Stage is included with the DLC.

Bayonetta, Cloud and Corrin all set to join Smash Bros as final DLC’s - n3rdabl3

Corrin from the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates was also announced and was a shocking reveal. Much like Robin, both the female and male versions are available to play as and act the same so it’s down to your personal taste which to play as. The DLC will also include a number of music tracks from the upcoming Fire Emblem Fates game to the current Fire Emblem stages already in Super Smash Bros.

As for Corrin’s attacks look to be a powerful and varied in style meaning that this fighter will be a real challenge to both fight and play. That said though, Corrin looks to bring so much to the fight that I expect the wait will be worth it.

Corrin will be available sometime in February 2016 for the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. You can see Corrin in action below.

Lastly the final fighter for Super Smash Bros. who was picked by the results of the Fighter Ballot was the one and only, Bayonetta.

Bayonetta is not only a stunning character to be added to the game but a fantastic fighter at that. The team have worked to ensure that much like Ryu, she controls and behaves like she does in her own game. Linking combo attacks, gun arts and Witch Time to take control of the fight in her favour.

The best thing about her from the reveal is that all the charm and style of Bayonetta is present in the game from her butterfly wings to the roses when she takes damage. It’s all there and Bayonetta has never looked better. Oh and you can still summon a huge Gomorrah to damage enemies and instantly KO anyone with over 100 percent damage. Nice! She also comes with a new stage whihc captures the opening moments of the first Bayonetta game perfectly.

Bayonetta and her included Stage will be making their way to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS in February 2016. You can see her in action below.

The last bit of news is that all three of these fighters will be getting Amiibo’s as Nintendo confirmed development on them. No details on release just yet. If you happened to miss the the Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros then you can find it here in full.

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