Even if you weren’t quite sure of the name, chances are you might have seen Black Desert Online floating about the internet – you know, that Korean MMO with the really, really good looking and in-depth character editor? Yeah, there you go!

Black Desert Online has actually been out in Korea since 2014, released by developers Pearl Abyss, however Daum Games, a publisher based in the Netherlands, has taken on the task of bringing the game over to North America and Europe, adopting a “buy-to-play” model that replaces the free-to-play model the game uses in Eastern territories.

As the release (hopefully) draws closer, Daum Games have begun the game’s latest closed beta period, the applications for which were opened back in October. Lasting from the 16th December until the 22nd, those involved will be able to explore the expansive Calpheon region, experience a number of special events and try out the game’s Tamer class, all with a set of community-suggested improvements.

As a game that partially sells itself as the “next generation MMORPG” and promises among other things some innovative combat, farming, questing and crafting systems, here’s hoping that all those great looking characters will be able to engage in some equally enjoyable gameplay when Black Desert Online releases in the West.

Black Desert Online can be pre-ordered from the game’s official website. Take a look at the Tamer class’ showcase video above.

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