So we continue the countdown of what I reckon were the best comic books I’ve read this year with a Green Lantern comic. This week, we shall talk about Green Lantern The Darkseid War one shot. Which I thought was rather good.

So what is the Darkseid War? It turns out DC’s own Thanos character and his band of henchmen have turned the Justice League into Gods. The Flash has become the Grim Reaper and someone has given Batman the gift of infinite knowledge. This all happened when Darkseid (pronounced Dark Side) arrived.

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, has found that powerful super-computer called the Mother Box has corrupted the power of the Green Lanterns rings, the Central Battery resulting in former foot soldiers of Darkseid, the Pandemons, picking off the rest of the Green Lantern corps.

Hal flies back to Oa to find his fellow Lanterns have had their corpses re-animated as the Mother Box searches for a host. The whole time, Hal remembers the time he lit a candle for his dad at mass and has a heart to heart with one of his father’s friends.Justice-League-The-Darkseid-War-Green-Lantern-1-4

In the present, Hal battles the corpse Lanterns and Pandemons until he’s finally overwhelmed, from here the Mother Box presents itself to Hal, asking him to become the host. He accepts.

In the past, Hal has had a bad history with becoming a demi-god. In the 90’s he was taken over by a powerful alien entity called Parallax and wiped out the Green Lantern corps, don’t worry they all came back to life.

So Hal becomes a God, but instead of letting it all go to his head, he modestly brings back all of the Green Lantern Corps. But then he realises something. The man he spoke to at mass, was himself, giving a speech about how being a God isn’t great because you have no free will, I mean check out the episode of Futurama when Bender becomes a God, and you’ll see what he means.

He destroys the Mother Box ring and becomes a regular Lantern again. Realising being a God is like having all the money in the world, but you can only spend it on 1p chews… It’s kind of rough.

Why did I like this one? This was one of the few comics I read twice this year. So it did something right…

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