Since all the news sites are jumping on the very early look at Doctor Strange. It’s time to add some crazy conspiracy theories into the mix.

First, check out the image of Doctor Strange, A.K.A. Benedict Cumberbatch A.K.A. Khan, Sherlock and now, Stephen Strange, above. Take a deep breath and check out some crazy theories to tide you over until the news mill gets back into full swing.

Cumerbatch is actually Tony Stark from another earth:

There’s an old “What If” issue where Tony Stark (A.K.A. Iron Man) becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, the top magician in the Earth realm, that is usually taken by Doctor Strange. What if this fella is actually Tony Stark from this world? A fusion of magic and armour. Sounds kind of cool right?

It’s Khan:

Maybe JJ Abrams isn’t happy with just ruling the Star Wars and Star Trek and he’s set his eyes on the Marvel Universe. Could Cumberbatch be playing the cross deep-voiced anti-hero from Star Trek Into Darkness who has usurped the role of Doctor Strange?

It’s an old Reed Richards:

Now we’re getting a little bit daft, in the comics, Reed has a grey streak in his hair just like Doctor Strange. So maybe this is an old bitter Reed who has turned his back on science because something bad has happened. Like the demise of the Fantastic Four? Maybe Doom killed them and he’s learning magic to take him on.

Doctor Strange gives Spider-man his powers:

Back in the early 2000s, the comic book market was really struggling. Marvel tried to be bold and put some unusual writers onto their biggest titles. J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) took over Spider-man and he experimented with the idea that Peter Parker was a totem hero, just one person in a long line of spider-themed heroes. This was retconned later on, but still. What if..

Can you think of anything stranger? Why don’t you let me know?

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