Dear DC: I Miss You Superboy and Supergirl

Hey look, another letter. Where did that come from? Someone’s left a letter on my desk about Superboy and Supergirl. I’d be pretty stupid if I didn’t post this instead of my super interesting movie pitch. Wouldn’t I?

Dear DC,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you, I guess you’ve been busy this year after your massive re-launch of all of your books following your mega-continuity event which you called Convergence. Those two part miniseries were great, a real treat for the longtime fans of DC.

By now, you’ve probably realised that the paragraph above was the soft bread layer of a comment sandwich. Prep yourself for the filling which is a bit like Marmite, some may like it and others might not.

I’ve noticed before all these big story events you tend to cancel a bunch of floundering titles, like Supergirl and Superboy for example. The problem is, I like these two characters, it’s just a shame the writing was weak. The big flaw in the series, in my opinion, was the villains. I feel these big flaws with a lot of these spin off titles that spawn from off bigger titles is the punching bags the good guys are given.

For example Supergirl was pitted against a villain who was just like Lex Luthor, only he had some hair. A weak cover track to the original, basically. Superman has a long rich history full of villains that you could borrow, surely?

If you can’t come up with a solid bad guy it’s okay in comics to borrow an old one and do something a little different with them. Well, until the writers get a blast of inspiration and create the next Joker of course.

For Superboy, the real issue was character development. There was no real direction for the character, this was a real chance to do something different with him. How depressing it was to see Superboy evolve from a grumpy teen to a dude who has all his zen sorted out, to find this has all been dropped when he turned up in Teen Titans.

So that was the filling. The second slice of positive bread is, The Flash was pretty good.


The dude who shouldn’t leave stuff lying around.

What are your thoughts on Superboy and Supergirl? Are you sad that they were cancelled too? Or is the live-action Supergirl TV series enough to keep you entertained until DC Comics (hopefully) resurrects the series?

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AJ Kent
AJ Kent

Im a huge fan of the pre 52 superboy. Black T-shirt and all. I loved his relationship with the Pre 52 Wondergirl and thought his character was on a good path. After the 52 reboot, I agree that he did get lost and didn't get much of a chance. I really did not like the new 52 version, the costume didnt work for me and the appearance of Jon really brought things down. I'd honestly love to see Connor get a new identity. Hang up the Superboy title and come into his own as a new hero. I loved his… Read more »