If you’re all flustered with excitement over Hideo Kojima starting his own studio after separating from Konami, and wish you hadn’t deleted the Silent Hills demo, P.T., from your PS4 all that time ago, there may be some hope yet.

A member of gaming forum Gamexeon has discovered a possible way to re-download the game that was supposed to literally make you poop yourself. It will involve a bit of an ‘unofficial’ workaround of Sony’s systems, but no reports so far have indicated issues from said workaround.

The video above showcases the workaround successfully re-installing the game, but it will take a bit of leg work to get there. You’ll need to download a program made by the Gamexeon to your PC that will allow access to your PS4’s library via proxy server. You can find written instructions here.

This will reportedly only work if you had already gotten P.T. in the past, and I have not personally tested and verified that this method works, or that it is safe for your computer or PS4. Comments in the forum suggest it should be fine, but proceed with caution.

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