Destiny Gets Pay-to-Win Microtransactions…

Well, the cat is out of the bag. After releasing a wave of microtransactions which bought players custom emotes, Bungie and Activision has launched the next wave of microtransactions, this time a £25 pack that’ll boost your characters level. All after promising they wouldn’t.

Microtransactions are quickly becoming a part of almost every game, and while most offer nothing more than cosmetic upgrades, the worst ones offer ways for players to get ahead of the game – the most frowned upon form of microtransactions – a microtransaction which has just been introduced to Destiny.

Yep, players can now boost their characters past the first campaign with an instant boost to Level 25 for the low, low price of $29.99 / £24.99.

Destiny Gets Pay-to-Win Microtransactions… - n3rdabl3

Destiny: The Taken King launched earlier this year along with a Spark of Light, a way for new players to instantly boost their character to level 25. But now Bungie are selling it separate from the game’s expansion.

The new Level 25 packs are sold separately for each class, meaning players who want instant boosts for their entire collection of characters will be looking at spending a fair bit, if they wanted to. Each of these packs come with a level boost, a subclass boost, and weapon telemetries (allowing you to unlock weapon perks faster).

These packs are available to purchase now on the US and UK Xbox Stores, and the UK PlayStation Store, it doesn’t look like they’ve arrived on the US PlayStation store yet, but they’ll probably arrive soon.

Though it’s a pretty pricey exchange, I’ve heard that it may actually be worth it, though again, it may just be worth purchasing The Taken King instead. And considering the level cap for Destiny is currently at 40, it seems like a bit of an odd shortcut to take.

As someone who can barely get past level 12 without being bored to tears and now feels incredibly left behind, even I wouldn’t purchase this.

Either way, if you want to spend less time grinding and more time getting to the good stuff, now you can…