Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Launches into Early Access

Nexon America and Neople have today launched their next free-to-play shooter into Early Access: Ghost in the Shell: First Assault. A game which throws players into the futuristic universe of the popular Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex series from 2002, which in itself is an off-shoot of the cult movie from 1995.

This free-to-play shooter will feature many nods to the classic anime, as well as bringing in some popular elements from modern shooters. The game draws heavily on the game’s settings and characters, with each character having their own set of unique stills to aid their team during battle, these characters include Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, and Togusa.

In total, Ghost in the Shell: First Assault will launch with eight playable characters, the first of which is unlocked for free, and the rest unlocked with the game’s currency, GP. Alternatively, players can use real money to purchase characters instantly, or grab one of the game’s Early Access packs – more on that later.

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault Launches into Early Access - n3rdabl3

As for the characters, each one has their own unique skill called a ‘CyberSkill’, y’know, because of the futuristic nature of the game and that. CyberSkills include a number of different perks such as an enhanced radar, temporary invisibility cloaking, speed boost, and more.


CyberSkills are actually one of the central features of First Assault and aren’t just limited to each individual character, that’s because of a feature called ‘SkillSync’ which actually allows players to share their abilities with nearby allies. This allows for team members to share multiple skills such as invisibility or speed, to get a collective advantage on the battlefield.

Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is now available in Early Access either through Steam or through the Nexon Launcher.

Now, onto those launch packages, players can get instant access to the Early Access game with the following packages:

  • Recruit Early Access Pack – $4.99 – Provides beta access and exclusive MP-V5A Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin.
  • Operative Early Access Pack – $9.99 – Provides same content as Recruit pack, plus exclusive M4A1 Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin and two in-game currency coupons. Only on Steam.
  • Specialist Early Access Pack – $14.99 – Provides same content as Operative pack, plus 1 character unlock coupon and exclusive L118A-S1B Rare Tachikoma Weapon Skin. Available only on Steam.
  • Elite Early Access Pack – $29.99 – Provides same content as Specialist pack, plus an additional character unlock coupon, exclusive Motoko Rare Character Skin and even more in-game currency.

Of course, you could hold out until the game fully launches, but there’s currently no word on when exactly the developers aim to have the game in full-release.

We’ll be getting some hands-on impressions over the next few days, so keep an eye out for that.

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