Yup, it’s that time again where I cover my face as I feel embarrassment and maybe a little shame and share with you almost everything I Googled during the year.


  • White background (??)
  • Gilmore Girls (2015 was the year Gilmore Girls stole my heart)


  • Mary Poppins (okay..)
  • Kevin Spacey (right..)
  • Stacey’s brother Eastenders –Shaun FYI
  • Google – because everyone Googles Google, right?
  • Robot eats hair – I think I wrote an article about this, or maybe I was just curious


  • Teddy bear romance – Another article related search.. I think.
  • Country’s populations – Too much Gilmore Girls, needed to feel knowledgeable about other stuff.
  • Family Feud – I honestly have no idea
  • Matt Bomer – I won’t lie, there’s at least one search for him per month because he’s just a very well put together human and I just like to look at his face, a lot.
  • Tila Tequila Myspace – We all had her as a friend in 2005 shut up.
  • Periscope Teletubbies – Honestly no idea.


  • Two thumbs the fuck up – One of my favourite quotes from Girls)
  • KFC documentary – Nope


  • Overnight oats This was the month I tried to be a little healthier, overnight oats feel like you’ve thrown up in your mouth, gross.


  • Farrah Abraham sex toy – After listening to Shane Dawsons podcast I was curious, I mean, he managed to fit so much stuff up in there.
  • Overnight oats – Again, just trying to see if they got less vommy, nope.


  • Fall Out Boy desktop wallpaper – Because why not, that’s why
  • Monogram – I specifically remember a discussion with a friend where I had confused ‘monogram’ with ‘mammogram’, yup.


  • Where do I begin with Star Wars? – Never seen it, yeah gasp whatever.
  • Fee to pee – I meant Pay, screw you Royal Mail.


  • Tops – Vague search while looking for stuff for the upper part of my body.


  • The Mindy Project – Mindy is my spirit animal.


  • The Breakfast Princess – Because nothing has ever really fully encapsulated me as much as the Breakfast princess.
  • Emily is Away – Big mistake, Emily was way to hard to please, jeez.


  • Shoulder replacement – I always Google any surgery I’m going to have, I dry heaved so badly this time that Aaron had to grab my phone out of my hand.
  • Recover deleted iPhone notes – There were almost tears, almost.

So there’s to another year of Google searches, I hope you enjoyed once again diving into my little world of Google. Happy New Year y’all!

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