Imagination Technologies (ImgTech) revealed yesterday that the Kickstarter for their next generation development kit, the Creator Ci40 has now been fully funded with two weeks left to go, and that they’re pushing for some pretty awesome stretch goals.

Designed specifically for the Internet of Things, the Creator Ci40 has the smart home in its sights, as well as other connected devices such as drones, robots, and more. Not only that, it also has the capabilities to be used as a high-speed wireless router. The possibilities are almost endless.

The Ci40, unlike its predecessor, the Creator Ci20, can now support multiple Linux distributions, as well as Brillo, the new Android-based IoT OS from Google.

To celebrate the news, ImgTech has introduced three new stretch goals which offers makers, developers, and hobbyists, additional benefits for backing the project. These stretch goals include additional projects being added to GitHub (£30,000), a stylish case for the Creator Ci40 (£35,000), and Over The Air update capabilities for the board (£50,000).

You can find out more information and pledge yourself on the Creator Ci40 Kickstarter page.



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