Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4 Launches Later this Month

Surprise! The fourth episode for Minecraft: Story Mode is launching next week, once again a surprisingly quick turnaround for an episode from Telltale Games, who usually takes what feels like months to release episodes for its series’.

Telltale has been a beast when it comes to releasing episodes for its collaboration with Mojang, with four episodes launching within around 2 months. Likely keeping fans of the series happy thanks to the speedy release. The series is expected to conclude in 2016.

Here’s Episode 4’s synopsis, though be warned, there are mild spoilers:

In Episode Four, with the fearsome Wither Storm more dangerous than ever, Jesse, Reuben, and the crew discover there is one thing that can destroy the command block at the heart of the monster – but they’ll need to brave the perils of the Farlands to find it. As uneasy allies and ailing friends threaten to tear the group apart, can they defeat the Wither Storm in their final battle? And what sacrifices must be made to succeed? Find out in Episode Four’s epic ‘Wither Storm Finale’ that will turn the page on one chapter, before adventures may begin anew…

Minecraft: Story Mode launches on December 22 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC/Mac, and iOS/Android.

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