Motiga’s Layoffs Mean “Gigantic” Is Totally Delayed

Here’s a bit of sad news for the MOBA world: Developer Motiga found itself at the end of its finances, causing them to have to suddenly lay off 16 of its staff and delaying their game “Gigantic” until sometime in 2016. You can read a little more about Gigantic here.

The general gist of the why is basically that they are a small company, and while they’d love to have the full staff, they can’t afford to. Understandable, most small company start-ups in any vein of business has to make money before they can pay out money. It just seems such a shame that those 16 people had to pay the price of what, over-zealous hiring?

They have stated publicly that the 16 currently unemployed staff received a severance package and assistance finding other jobs. They also said that more information about the game and what’s going to happen now will be released soon. Here’s hoping the new game info will be positive, and that those laid off will find something good, and soon.