n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers

With just 15 days of shopping left until the Big C comes to destroy your chimney, you’ve hopefully wrapped up the last of the big presents and are now looking for some last little bits to throw into stockings, but what do you get someone who doesn’t look away from their phone for more than five minutes? Or someone glued to their games consoles? Fortunately, we’ve got the gift guide for you.

If you’ve found yourself stuck with what to get your tech or gaming obsessed friend or family member, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Monster Clarity HD Wireless Headphones

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

Screw wires! Amirite? Well, not entirely, but having to fumble around with headphone wires is a pain in the butt sometimes. Thankfully there’s a push for wireless as Bluetooth headphones are becoming pretty popular, not only for audiophiles, but also for fitness buffs who don’t have the time for fiddly wires.

If you have someone who can’t stand wires, but loves the idea of high quality sound, then look no further than the Monster Clarity HD Wireless headphones. These babies offer superior “high definition” sound quality, durability, long-lasting batteries, and due to the aforementioned batteries being stored within the earbuds themselves, there’s no clunky battery pack to carry around, though that does make the earbuds fairly chunky.

Price $79.95

Gamevice Gamepad Controller for iPhone/iPad

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

Some would say that mobile gaming is becoming just as popular if not more so than, “traditional” gaming, and if you find your giftee constantly glued to the latest mobile hit, then the Gamevice Gamepad controller is definitely a must-have.

With over 100 compatible games, mobile gamers can step up their game with this controller which turns their iPhone or iPad into a portable gaming device.

Previously only available for the iPad Mini, Gamevice has recently unveiled a new version of the controller compatible with iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus, as well as iPad Air.

Price: £79.95

The Art of Fallout 4 (DarkHorse)

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

If you’ve been hearing your friends or loved ones talk more about Vaults, Synths, Dogmeat, and Rads than anything actually coherent, or obsessing over Adhesive, don’t worry they’ve not gone mad, they’ve just been sitting playing Fallout 4 for hours on end. Because of this however, they’ve likely separated themselves away from society for the past few weeks.

So what do you get someone with tired eyes and a slight obsession with glue? Well, if you’re confident they’ve been playing Fallout 4 and not huffing aerosol, then The Art of Fallout 4 will give their eyes a welcome break.

“The Art of Fallout 4 is a must-have collectible for fans and an ultimate resource for every Wasteland wanderer. Featuring 368 oversize, never-before-seen designs, and concept art from the game’s dynamic environments, iconic characters, detailed weapons, and more — along with commentary from the developers themselves.”

I couldn’t put it better myself.

Price: £25

Rise of the Tomb Raider Official Art Book (Titan Books)

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

In the same vien, if Fallout 4 isn’t really their thing, everyone can appreciate a good art book, right? Well, if your nerd has themselves an Xbox and loves survival games, chances are they’ve grabbed themselves a copy Rise of the Tomb Raider. If that’s the case, Titan Books’ Rise of the Tomb Raider Official Art Book is probably a pretty top-notch gift.

“Lara Croft returns, desperate for answers – and seeking a hidden truth. The Art of Rise of the Tomb Raider takes readers on an all-access journey for the latest instalment in the critically and commercially acclaimed Tomb Raider franchise. Featuring concept art, 3D renders, sketches and more, accompanied by detailed developer commentary, this book showcases the amazing characters and locations found on Lara s continuing adventures.”

Price: £21

Native Union DOCK

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

Back to things that’ll actually fit inside a stocking, why not grab your loved one a stylish looking dock for their devices, so they can actually interact with you this Christmas rather than through the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

Native Union has a series of DOCKs on offer for both iPhone and Android, and at a reasonable price too. And as you’d expect with Native Union products, it’s of an impressive build quality and will look fantastic on a bedside unit, desk, or wherever a quick charge is needed.

Price: iOS – £39.99, Android – £51.99 (with included BELT cable)

Winnergear MicFlip Reversable MicroUSB Cable

n3 Gift Guide – Nerdy Stocking Fillers - n3rdabl3

Apple users have been able to charge their smartphones without fumbling around for some time now thanks to the introduction of the reversible Lightning cable and connection. Unfortunately for most Android users, we’re left with the standard microUSB cable which requires inserting the right way. It’s a pain in the butt, especially in the dark.

Thankfully, thanks to a successful IndieGoGo campaign, Winnergear has a solution, The MicFlip MicroUSB cable which has an ingenous, yet simplistic design allowing you to insert the cable into your device no matter which orientation.

If you want to end frustration, why not pop a MicFlip in their stocking?

Price: $19.99