Sony’s console has been selling fantastically since it’s release two years ago and it’s highly likely that your partner or child has got one nestling under the sitting room television. It’s not a huge stretch to find plenty of good quality accessories, games and bits and bobs that you can buy for them either, but there’s a ton out there on the market.

This guide should hopefully signpost you to some excellent quality and affordable items that will keep your loved ones occupied for the Christmas period while you sneak off with the leftover turkey and bucks fizz in pursuit of respite from the hustle and bustle of the Winter holidays… Or you could just kick them off their PS4 and have a go yourself.


CRPJjZ9VEAAoKKXAny gamer will tell you that the most important part of online gaming is communication. Without contact with your team, they’re all directionless idiots with no sense of group tactics… You might want to have a look at these if your partner is one of the latter or fancies him/herself as an armchair know-it-all on the virtual battlefield.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 60P – For a penny under £40, you can pick up a pretty good headset from well-known sonic earmuff peddlers, Turtle Beach. This impressive set offers some fine sound from a pair of 40mm stereo speakers, complete with really comfortable earpads. You can control the volume and mic mute from a handy in-line remote and it’s perfect for the lower budget present, especially if the recipient likes their peripherals in a cool blue. They will however, leave wires trailing across the floor as the set is not wireless. It does have a detachable mic right enough, good for throwing at the screen when teenagers pwn your ass.

Sony Playstation Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 – If it’s wireless you’re into, Sony have released their own headset, complete with USB Bluetooth dongle so you don’t trip up any slightly inebriated grandparents who might be staggering around in the festive period. Coming in either black or white, the headset is designed for long periods of use with an extremely comfortable headband and earpads.

All the controls are positioned on the actual set and can easily be flicked, pushed or twiddled to suit your needs. There’s eight hours of battery charge, which should be sufficient for the casuals, because you know, hardcore gamers only need three minutes of sleep and a can of Monster every half hour. Added benefits of having info about battery life, volume and chat toggle on screen due to them being an official product is also nice. Costing £79.99, these babies will be for the more generous of givers this year, but well worth a punt to see a happy face, eh?


20027361654_9c809e0fba_bA Playstation 4 pack, complete with game and a controller, will on average, set you back about £350. If you’ve got a gamer who’s been playing on kiddie-console Xbox One for the past two years, you might find it in your heart to give them a gift that’ll keep on giving… Especially one with manly titles like Bloodborne, Uncharted and Until Dawn. Joking aside (sort of), you can pick up some great deals from GAME and Amazon.

If you’re feeling a bit flush, you might even cater to your proper n3rd of a recipient, with a special edition console aimed at their defined geekiness. Currently floating around in shopping space, are Black Ops III, MGSV and Star Wars editions, complete with relevant fascia and controllers that fit with the theme. They’re not too expensive either, usually coming to around £350 for the console and controller alone. If your partner or kids are walking around saying things like, ‘May the force be with you.’ and ‘Chewie, we’re home!’, then definitely go for the Star Wars one with the shiny Darth Vader piccie on the console.


1806252_0The one thing a gamer should never be without. I’ve spent years complaining about a sore neck and dead arse from sitting on cold, wooden flooring, staring up at the TV from stupid angles because my partner, kids and dog have taken all the comfy seats in the house. What better than a gift to save your loved ones’ backsides from certain pins and needles with a seat dedicated to their favourite hobby?

Beanbags – While not being the most stylish of bum-furniture, the trusty beanbag can be slung in front of the TV at a seconds notice, moulding to the posterior of the gamer and seconding as a dog bed for when the player gets up for a cuppa (my experience). Just be aware to buy one that suits the size of your giftee or you may end up losing the children to them or laughing at your adult sized gamer as he/she sits with their knees uncomfortably around their ears.

Gaming Chairs – While more expensive, a gaming chair offers more of an immersive experience for the average gamer. Fully manufactured to offer real comfort, you’ll never see a professional Twitcher without one. They come in many flavours, from inflatable all the way to seriously expensive leather things with more gadgets than the entire range of Q-Division… Well, probably speakers and added tablet/phone/ipod capabilities.


maxresdefaultMaybe not as a big gift, but pretty much a stocking filler, you could pick up an accessory set, such as GAME’s GAMEware Starter Pack, which offers a vertical stand, a chat headset and a dual controller charging station for under a tenner. Sony also have their own starter pack at roughly £20 with the same devices, although this time, they’re officially branded for the Playstation connoisseur and label fanatic.

There are also a huge range of different coloured controllers, from £35-£50. From the official black to white, red, gold and even camouflage, if your partner/child has one lonely joypad sitting on the TV stand, you might want to add another for the benefits of co-operative play, or just because they’re sick of having to charge the other one.


The-Witcher-3-Wild-Hunt-22015 has been a brilliant year for games and there are obviously far too many to list here. There are, however, a few stand out titles, such as The Witcher III and Bloodborne for those who like adventure. For gamers who need a bit of teamwork in their life, there’s always Black Ops III, Star Wars Battlefront or Rainbow Six: Siege. You can check out our reviews of all these games elsewhere on n3.

Finally, you could always just check out the Playstation Store for deals over Christmas and let them choose from the many AAA and Indie titles on there. Failing that, give them money and send them out on Boxing Day to get what they want if you are really not sure, like a few years back when a grandmother walked into GAME and asked the soon to be red-faced lad at the counter if they had, well, let’s just say she must have mistaken Call of Duty for specialised porn, probably starring Snoop Dogg. It sort of sounds like Black Ops…

Whatever you buy, just make sure that you and your family spend some time together over the holidays, make some memories and hopefully, have a very merry Christmas.

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