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With Christmas just around the corner, seriously, you’ve got like 20-something days until the big S comes bouncing down your chimney, we’ve decided to compile a little list of accessories for the Xbox One gamer in your life.

The Xbox One comes with pretty much everything you need to get started with the console, but more often than not the original kit will give up the ghost, and considering the console’s been out for a number of years now, the Xbox One gamer in your life will likely appreciate an upgrade.

So here’s a few things we think you should grab:

Xbox One Official Stereo Headset

n3 Gift Guide – Xbox One Accessories - n3rdabl3

Let’s face it, the “chat” headset that comes with the Xbox One isn’t the best. Having the console for a little over a year now mine quickly gave up the ghost, especially considering how difficult it is to take out of the controller.

If your Xbox One gamer used to be a Chatty Annie but now barely utters a word while hauled up in their rooms, then chances are theirs has buggered up too. Fortunately Microsoft’s Xbox One Official Stereo Headset has all your Xbox One gamer needs to get back to being a social butterfly.

The headset itself is a little on the large side but the overall quality of the headset is great and it sounds fantastic too. What’s more, it comes bundled with the Xbox One Official Stereo Headset Adapter, which allows both chat and game audio through at once. The adapter can also be used to stick a pair of headphones into the headset too if the TV’s a little too noisy.

Price: ~£34.99

Elite Wireless Controller for Xbox One

n3 Gift Guide – Xbox One Accessories - n3rdabl3

There’s a number of wireless controllers for the Xbox One which come in a variety of colours, and while they’re pretty and all, they don’t quite offer the added functionality of Microsoft’s incredibly luxurious Elite Wireless Controller.

So what’s so special about this controller? Well along with it being pretty damn expensive, the entire controller is customisable allowing the user to replace thumbsticks, the D-Pad, as well as the additional paddles on the back of the controller.

The entire layout of the controller is customisable too allowing players to set their own custom button configurations which stay loaded onto the controller.

The price is however a little bit eye watering.

Price: £119 – £230 (depending on retailer)

Xbox One Venom Charging Dock

n3 Gift Guide – Xbox One Accessories - n3rdabl3

Unlike Sony’s DualShock 4 controller, Microsoft is still having you rely on AA batteries in order to keep your controller alive. Sure, you can purchase the Play & Charge kit which comes with a battery pack, but at that price, you’ve got to be kidding.

Thankfully there are already third parties coming up with decent ways to keep your controller juiced up and one of my personal favourites is the Xbox One Venom Charging Dock. It comes with two battery packs and a dock which comfortably sits two controllers and charges them while not in use.

They’re pretty affordable too, which helps.

Price: Under £20

Squidgrip for Xbox One

n3 Gift Guide – Xbox One Accessories - n3rdabl3

Clammy hands, we all have them, and they usually come at the worst times when we really need to keep a good grip of the controller. Chances are, most console gamers have heard of Squidgrip, so this may not be news to them, but if you’re looking to buy an Xbox gamer a quick stocking filler, then this is a must-buy.

It’s simply just a comfortable rubber grip which you peel and stick onto your controller which adds some extra traction on the parts of the controller where our clammy palms meet, and at this price, it’s hard not to argue.

Price: Around £15

I hope we’ve given you enough to consider when buying your Xbox gamer a gift this year. All of the above are definitely essentials that we’d personally recommend!

If you do purchase one of the above for your friend or loved one, then let us know what they thought on Christmas Day!

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