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It’s a special Christmas this year for some, you might have noticed, but it’s extra special for the big kids who grew up swinging broom handles and sticks at each other making zwoosh noises and trying to find a hairy friend to be their Wookie sidekick.

On a year that sees the release of a promising sequel to the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, the fanboys are out in force (heheh) and Disney have been just as aggressive with their marketing of The Force Awakens as Lucas was back in the 70’s and 80’s… With so much to buy for the discerning Star Wars fan, we’ve compiled a guide to help you with your Christmas purchases for them.

Action Figures!

First up is the new range of action figures, always a favourite and something that can either be displayed or kept in boxes for serious adult purposes… Or you’ll come home and find your loved one ‘doing the voices’ while staging elaborate, yet stiff looking lightsaber battles on the floor, or maybe in the kids’ sand pit if the scene requires a spot of sarlacc.

The 3.75 inch figures are probably where you’re going to be happy, with the new range including most of the new cast from Finn to Kylo Ren, complete with mission equipment, weapons and the odd prop piece too. There have also been a re-release of new figures and vehicles from the older movies as well, with a Dagobah style Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Boba Fett included amongst these well made toys.

n3 Gift Guide – All Things Star Wars - n3rdabl3
The action figures are, as always, high quality.

There are also some 6″ models with much more detail, possibly for the more mature Star Wars nerd’s collection, but the price is actually quite good for the quality of the figures, that it would be hard not to put a smile on the face of your loved ones by presenting them with one.

You can always try Argos for some of these figures if you can’t find them online.

If it’s just a knick-knack for the old shelfie, there are tons of Funko! Pop Vinyls for roughly a tenner that will fulfill the base needs of your average SW collector and are a nice stocking filler for the kids too. Forbidden Planet or GAME is probably your best bet in the UK.


If your chose recipient is also a lover of LEGO, there are tons of sets that you can pick up, from mini-fig sets at a low cost, all the way to the £120 Millenium Falcon that will keep your loved ones locked away for a few days while they build to their hearts content. You can check out our thrifty Lego guide here for more tips on buying for your budget.

n3 Gift Guide – All Things Star Wars - n3rdabl3
If you’ve got the cash… Send me one too.

Cosplay has been a rapidly growing pastime too, and if you’ve ever caught your partner, wrapped in your dressing gown and saying ‘These are not the droid’s you are looking for’, then they might just be happy with a real set of robes to look, ahem, cool in. There are some seriously good ones here at Jedi-Robe, who offer dozens of high quality garb, complete with accessories.

If you don’t have the bank balance to satiate those weird dressing up needs, you can always nip into M&S and grab some t-shirts or jammies for both kids and adults. Their range is pretty good and covers the entire Star Wars series… No Jar Jar either, which is always a good thing.

Star Wars Battlefront, Duh!

If you’ve been reading n3 over the past year, you’ll also know that EA and Dice released Star Wars Battlefront for PC, Xbox One and PS4 recently. While it’s not everyone’s cup of cafstim, there’s no denying that fans will have a blast shooting up and down the forest moon of Endor on a speeder bike or taking down AT-AT’s in their snowspeeder… Oh aye, that is if they’r not happy enough blasting at rebel scum with a blaster rifle. Check out n3’s review here.

n3 Gift Guide – All Things Star Wars - n3rdabl3If it’s more retro you’re looking for, there are a vast amount of PC games set in the Star Wars universe on Steam. Some classics can also be found floating around on the internet for every platform from the Super Nintendo to the more recent PS3 and Xbox 360. Seeing as there’s a big boom for retro gaming at the minute, you might ponder picking up an old console and some games like an N64 with Shadows of the Empire or a Gamecube with Rogue Squadron II. You can find some great signposting at GamesYouLoved too, rather than trawling Ebay, which is still pretty good for finding a bargain.

Are these the Speakers you’re looking for?

n3 Gift Guide – All Things Star Wars - n3rdabl3

Speakers are pretty boring, right? But what about a speaker in the shape of the heads of two iconic characters from the Star Wars series? Namely, C-3PO and a Galactic Empire’s Stormtrooper?

Yes, they exist and they come packed with some pretty impressive specs too including Full 2:1 system audio, with two tweeters behind the eye and a powerful bottom-facing subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity, the ability to answer calls through the speaker, so you’ll be talking to C-3PO who has the voice of your nan.

They’re priced at £129 Available to UK customers at Amazon UK: Stormtrooper & C-3PO and Available worldwide from: Though at Christmas you’ll have to present your loved one with a receipt for a pre-order as they’re not actually available until February 8. But they’re still cool, right?

From figures and games to FX Lightsabers and costumes, you’ll never be short of a gift for a Star Wars fan. The simplest thing you could buy, however, is a ticket to see The Force Awakens, seeing as it looks like it has caught the attention of even the wrinkliest of us fans. Episode VII opens at cinemas around the world on December the 18th.

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