These Netflix socks stop the TV when you’re asleep

Have you ever been in the situation where you’re addicted to a TV series on Netflix? You’re up at night with your eyes seemingly fixed to the TV and the next thing you know you’ve nodded off and it’s five episodes down the line before you wake up? Netflix has you covered.

The company says the socks work through a method called ‘actigraphy’. This means an accelerometer will detect when you haven’t moved for a period of time. When it thinks you’re asleep, a red LED light will appear in the cuff of the sock to let you know it’s about to pause the show. If you’re still awake and notice this, just move and it will not pause. If there’s no movement, an IR LED will send the pause signal to the TV.

The accelerometer is very sensitive so should be able to tell the difference between you sitting still and being asleep.

These socks are not ones you can buy though, you have to do a bit of DIY to make it work. Netflix has put up some sock design patterns of popular shows on its website and has also got a how-to guide on the process of doing this. It takes a bit of knowledge of knitting and also a decent understanding of technical components.

So if you feel comfortable with that, give it a try. It would be an interesting little project in the build up to Christmas.

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