Never Lose Your Stuff Again, with the TrackR Bravo, Now Available in the UK

Tracking tags are becoming the must-have bit of tech for forgetful folk such as myself, and a new incredibly popular tracker has finally become available in the UK, so us Brits will soon have no excuse for forgetting our wallets.

The TrackR Bravo has now launched in both EE and John Lewis stores and is the must-have gift for the forgetful one in the family, or for yourself, if you find you keep losing your keys, remote, or anything else you can stick this device onto.

The California-designed device is thin enough to sit comfortably in your wallet, and light enough to be attached to a set of keys or a pet’s collar, without becoming too much of an inconvenience. Pair it with the TrackR app, then you have no excuse for leaving behind your items.

Never Lose Your Stuff Again, with the TrackR Bravo, Now Available in the UK - n3rdabl3


Paired with the app, the TrackR offers plenty of functions too from a simple alert whenever you leave something behind, or a two-way pinging feature to help you find the items the TrackR is stuck to, or where you last left your phone. In addition, if you’ve left your wallet in a restaurant, or worse: it’s been stolen, the TrackR’s Crowd GPS system will help you find the rough location of where your possession is.

Now available from both EE and John Lewis stores, the TrackR is a must-have gadget that costs just £24.99 for a single unit, £44.99 for two and £79.99 for a pack of four.

What are you waiting for? Or have you lost your wallet?

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