PC Port For Far Cry Primal Release Revealed

February 16, all of you caveman-loving console gamers will be able to get your grubby little hands on Far Cry Primal, but what about the PC gamers, huh? Where is the PC gaming love? Well, it turns out that the game’s release is only a week behind the console one, releasing on Steam promptly on February 23.

And, for those who are so positive that it is going to be wicked-awesome that you want to pre-order it, you reward will be three extra missions!

Ubisoft has also announced a Deluxe Edition of Far Cry Primal which comes with a game map, Steelbook and the game’s soundtrack. In addition, a Collectors Edition of the game which comes with said Steelbook, soundtrack and map, as well as a Sabretooth skull collector box and some other cool stuff.

So there you go: options. Take your pick and whip out your wallets, ladies and gentlemen!

PC Port For Far Cry Primal Release Revealed - n3rdabl3

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