Rainbow Six Siege is Cracking Down on Team Kills

When friendly fire is a possibility in multiplayer shooters there always tends to be one person who things its an absolutely cracking idea to shoot all of their team for a giggle. But in games like Rainbow Six Siege, where you’re limited to one death per round, those team kills are probably the most frustrating things in the world. And in Rainbow Six Siege, it is unfortunately a big problem.

Before the launch of the game, Ubisoft said that they had a plan in place to get rid of these team killers, but as far as I’m aware, up until the latest update, diddly squat was being done.

Now, a new patch has rolled out which comes with a number of improvements as well as a way to get rid of team killers: by automatically booting them out of game sessions.

It’s not exactly the most revolutionary idea, as the Hardcore game modes in Call of Duty will have to forcibly removed if you kill a team mate more than twice, though sometimes it can throw up false positives when a team mate accidentally wanders into your line of fire.

Fortunately, Ubisoft are working hard “to make the distinction between accidental team killing and intentional team killing. Same goes for intentional hostage killing while playing as Defender. We will be tracking if the auto-kick feature reduces intentional team killing instances and will be adjusting the rigor of the parameters accordingly.”

Elsewhere, the patch which has rolled out to all platforms, brings a massive graphical improvement to PC, with a HD Textures pack. It’s a free download which acts as DLC, but when applied adds some pretty stunning graphical improvements, especially for those with 4GB Graphics Cards at resolutions of 1080p to 1440p, of course, they’re more highly recommended for 4K players, but still, I’m pretty excited to see these improvements.

Full patch notes can be found here.