Scalebound Will Have a “Broader Appeal” than Other Platinum Titles

Platinum Games are more widely known for their Beyonetta series of games, which are fantastic in themselves, but are also fairly niche titles. They have however proven that they can have mass appeal with games such as Transformers: Devastation, but again it’s really only limited to fans of the transforming vehicular robots. So what about Scalebound? Will this game be limited in its appeal? Apparently not.

Scalebound is already shaping up to be a pretty impressive RPG where players team up with giant dragons to take down even larger beasts. But that’s not all, players can also join other players and their fire-breathing buddies to take on massive-scale attacks on even huger monsters.

However, there has apparently been concern as to whether Microsoft will be challenged to market Platinum Games’ Xbox One exclusive title. Fortunately, Microsoft have no worries.

In an interview with DualShockers, Microsoft marketing exec Aaron Greenberg expressed his confidence in the game and the studio, and how it’s another great opportunity for the company.

Scalebound Will Have a “Broader Appeal” than Other Platinum Titles - n3rdabl3

It’s another gift for us. If you think about what [director Hideki Kamiya] has created, and his history of just creating incredibly unique games, that are such high quality and that are loved by core gamers… To be able to have him making a new IP exclusive for us and a big title, I think it’s something we’re really excited about.

Of course, given the amount Xbox gamers have been calling out for an epic JRPG for the Xbox One, chances are Scalebound will hopefully deliver on a grand scale. Though it seems that Microsoft hopes the game will have an even broader appeal than to those who love JRPGs and RPGs in general.

We think of it as an action RPG game, and we think it will both appeal to fans of the games that Platinum has made, but at the same time, I think it will be a game that will have a broader appeal to folks that maybe haven’t played their games before. So we’re excited to be able to introduce that to a broader audience as well.

Scalebound is set to launch next year exclusively for Xbox One.