Spotify Once Again Rumoured to be Preparing  Subscriber-only Releases

Another month, another rumour about Spotify’s supposed plans to reserve certain releases for subscribers of its £9.99 a month Premium plan. This time however, there may be substance to the latest rumours.

Apparently, following the streaming service squashing rumours that Adele’s representatives had asked the company to limit streams of her latest album to Premium subscribers, Spotify may now be actually considering this sort of scheme.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify is in talks with music executives to iron out a plan to bring albums and releases exclusively to paying customers. The report suggests that Spotify is set to begin by testing the waters to see how customers respond to such a feature.

A feature such as this, in my opinion, would benefit Spotify 10x because not only will they be able to please record labels and artists, as Premium streams offer more royalties, but it’ll also encourage people to sign up to the Premium subscription to get access to that record.

However, last year, CEO Daniel Ek revealed that the service’s free tier actually influenced people to use the paid service, so it seems unlikely that Spotify would do anything to harm that.

As always, it’s just another rumour to add to the mill of “Spotify dumps free tier” rumours, so take it with a pinch of salt.