Spotify Releases their 2015 ‘Year in Music’ Breadown

Did you know that, collectively, Spotify listeners listened to a total of 2.1 million different artists? Yep, it’s that time of year again where Spotify releases their annual ‘Year in Music’ breakdown.

As you may already know, Drake was crowned the most streamed artists of Spotify, but what about everything else, what about the best album, or the most streamed genre? Well Spotify has you covered.

Unsurprisingly, Beauty Behind the Madness by The Weekend was the most streamed album of 2015, with the most streamed track being Lean on Me (feat. MO & DJ Snake) by Major Lazer.

Of the top genres on Spotify, it seems listeners are most partial to Pop and Hip Hop and “Today’s Top Hits” was the most popular playlist of 2015.

Now, remember the number I mentioned earlier, the 2.1 million artists, well breaking that down even more, Spotify listeners consumed a total of 28.5 million different tracks, which is up by a little over 3 million – if that’s not showing you that music streaming is growing, I don’t know what else to say.

Other interesting snippets in Spotify’s Year in Music 2015 shows us the soundtracks of the season, with the likes of Mark Ronson & Ed Sheeran seeing in the year, apparently Wiz Kalifa was Spotify listeners soundtrack of the Spring as well as Summer, with Justin Bieber seeing us through Fall.

Apparently this year, the EDM scene has been shaken up by something a little less chaotic than dubstep thanks to the likes of Kygo bringing in a new wave of trance/house music with Tropical House.

Of course, as always, you can skip the formalities and login with your own Spotify account to see how your year in music shaped up.

Check out Spotify’s Year in Music here.

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