Star Trek: Alien Domain Boldly Counts Down to 2016 with New Year’s Event

So, Christmas is over. After Boxing Day comes that awful four-day period where festive cheer fades and we’re not quite into the New Year, but players of GameSamba’s online strategy game Star Trek: Alien Domain might have a way to quell the post-Christmas blues, as the game will be holding a New Year’s event and competition to celebrate the advent of 2016 Federation-style.

Those who enter the competition before January 1st will be in the running to win $50 worth of in-game items, with the winners to be announced on January 2nd.

In order to enter the competition, players must perform one of a number of possible actions, most of them related to social media – e.g. liking the developers’ Facebook page. In addition to this, they must have registered with GameSamba and have reached level 10 in the game itself.

Further details on the competition can be found here. Star Trek: Alien Domain can be signed up for and played from its official website.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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