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Stargate Gets a Nod in Just Cause 3

Don't call it a 'Door to Heaven...'


Just Cause 3 released this week on December 1st to mixed performance reviews, but despite concerns is already spawning videos of massive explosions, battles, and walk-through guides.

In one of these videos, YouTuber Alex (AKA Arekkz Gaming) has discovered what he calls, and many agree, is an Easter Egg to the long-running military-sci-fi franchise Stargate.

The video shows the entrance to what appears to be some kind of underground facility, or as Alex points out, the Fallout 4 vault. Turns out it’s actually a door to something much more interesting.

By pressing a series of buttons next to the gate (explained in the video) players can open the it and jump on in, at which point, the gate will transport them across the map. In an open world game reliant on transport, stranded players may actually make regular use of an Easter Egg like this one.

To find the exact location of the gate, check out the video above.

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