The Steam Winter Sale is Live… and Uneventful

Now Steam has changed the way it hosts its sales, the Steam Winter Sale is just as dull as the Autumn sale which finished a few weeks back. Before, Steam’s sales were a huge event jam packed with one-off deals. Now however, they’re pretty lacklustre.

Sure, there’s deals a-plenty, but there’s nothing to scream home about, there’s no pointless mini-game, there’s no flash sales, there’s no daily discounts. Just games, on sale, throughout the event.

If anything, it feels no different than any other day on Steam, as there’s always games on sale, though certain titles such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Tropico 5, and The Elder Scrolls series, are all on sale.

There’s nothing that really gives us the excitement we’ve come to expect with Steam Sales, if anything, it feels like the same ol’ games with the same ol’ discounts.

Either way, if you fancy routing around for a bargain, head to the Steam Store.