Super Mario Maker Update to Bring Never-Before-Seen Items and More

Looks like Nintendo are set to give Super Mario Maker players a bit of a Christmas gift, with a new update set to roll out on December 21st that’ll bring with it a host of brand new items and features.

The items will include the new Fire Koopa Clown Car, a “volcanic vessel” capable of shooting fireballs and a charged blast that can break blocks, the sneaky P Warp Doors, doors that only become visible when one of the famous Mario P switches are active and a bumper item that will bounce Mario away from itself when touched.

Nintendo are hoping to introduce a few extra features outside of the level creator too, including each course’s page showing its World Record time and the all-new Super Mario Maker Bookmark service.

SMM Bookmark is a web portal specifically designed to make browsing through the myriad of levels created for the game a bit easier. Players will sign in to the site (on their PC, phone or tablet) using their Nintendo Network ID and be able to browse and select levels to play as soon as they load up Super Mario Maker again.

You’ll be able to filter levels based on criteria such as difficulty, game theme and course style whilst also being able to search for levels that have particular tags associated with them, a la LittleBigPlanet. Of course, levels can still be browsed in-game from the Course World.

It’s great to see Nintendo keeping Super Mario Maker updated, and it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that the community will be putting the new items to both good and infuriating use before long.

Super Mario Maker is available exclusively on Wii U. A link to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark portal will become available from the game’s official website as soon as the service is ready.

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