Comics of 2015: Switch #1 Comic Recap

It’s been a good year for comics this year, such as a new series of Switch. Lots has happened this year, with it being an Avengers year and all, though the movie scene has been a little quiet, but of course we’ve had a steady collection of trailers along the way.

So what is Switch? Well, it’s a comic book published by Top Cow Comics, they publish The Darkness and Witchblade. Switch is a re-imagining of Witchblade, in a nutshell. Apparently the writer and artist Stjepan Sejic was found on the popular artwork site, DeviantArt doing his webcomic, Switch.

So for those who don’t know, Witchblade is a comic book which follows New York Police officer Sara Pezzini who happens to have inherited the Witchblade, a powerful weapon passed down through women throughout the ages.

Honestly, I’ve read some Witchblade comics, watched the anime and even checked out the manga over the years and it’s not really for me. I can see why people like it, for the empowering female message and the cool weapon that can literally be anything. Since Sara is usually not wearing a lot of clothes when she uses the Witchblade, so of course, the artwork has likely been traced from some old porn magazines, so if you’re trying to read the book and enjoy it, it can be a little tricky.

Comics of 2015: Switch #1 Comic Recap - n3rdabl3

So Switch is almost like a “What If” tale, instead of the Witchblade being bonded to Sara the cool popular girl, what if it bonded with the quirky outsider? Met Mary, amateur astrologist and X-files fan. In a nutshell, meet the new Witchblade from the publishers aiming comic books at girls.

The story is solid I suppose, fans of Top Cow will probably get a kick out of the re-imagined Top Cow universe and the art has that charming webcomic feel to it. Though when I read the first issue, I couldn’t help thinking “what is the most interesting time in your main characters life, and why is it not the story?”

Okay, this is the most interesting point in Kate’s life, but for Witchblade? I’m not so sure, I mean over the years the Witchblade has had an interesting life. I mean it’s been partnered to a cowboy, knight, cave girl and so much more. Wouldn’t that be a little more interesting than just a contemporary re-imagining?

Conclusion, Switch is probably worth a buy, fan of Top Cow or not.

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