biker mice from mars

Oh the 90s, an era of fantastic children’s television, from Recess to The Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, and of course, who can forget the Biker Mice from Mars. Well it looks like they’re on the path to revival, maybe, as a new mobile game based on the 90s show has landed in mobile app stores.

It’s real, and I downloaded it last night, and it’s safe to say that it’s a pretty poor attempt at a revival. But hey, it has nostalgia and really poor cut-outs of the characters from the show, so that’s something right?

It’s an endless runner, where you play as one of the three Biker Mice from Mars in an attempt to complete missions based on the original series. I remember being a big fan of the Biker Mice from Mars, but honestly, I’ve totally forgotten about most of the series, so clearly it wasn’t that memorable.

If you can see past the tired gameplay and the obvious crappy photoshop cut-outs of the characters, then you’ll likely love this game, especially if you’re a 90s kid.

Download it on Android and iOS for free.


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Please change the header picture. It relates to the 2006 series and is copyright protected. The game being commented is not the same.