Twitter Reveals the Top Tweets of 2015

Twitter, for some, is the perfect platform for them to share the most important moments in their lives in 140 characters or less. Whether it’s ranting about how dry your sandwich was, or joining in on current events (#youaintnomuslimbruv), Twitter is what many people call their social networking home. But have you ever wondered what the most popular Tweets of this year were? Perhaps it’s yours?

Don’t be silly. You’re not a member of One Direction.

Twitter has released their annual Year on Twitter blog post looking at some of this year’s biggest tweets, most prolific and influential events, and this year’s new voices. And it seems, if you’re not a member of a boy band, then your Twitter journey to the top will likely be cut short.

Of this year’s most influential and prolific hashtags and trends, as you may have expected, the Paris attacks were among the top, as is the refugee crisis in Europe. There were of course more positive notes, with the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US, the flyby of Pluto, and of course, the gold and white dress.

Moving on to popularity, Twitter decided to highlight a number of top ten lists including one for the most frequently tweeted emoji, the top one being taken up with “face with tears of joy”.

As for the most popular tweets, well here comes the big blow, 2015’s most retweeted tweets came mostly from current and past members of One Direction, obviously centred around the tragic departure of Zayn Malik. Harry Styles’ message to fans received over 717,000 retweets, and 741,000 Likes. Following that, tweets from Malik himseld and Leam Payne were also among the top spot.

Moving away from boy bands for a second, President Obama’s tweet celebrating same-sex marriage becoming legal in the US became the most popular non-One Direction tweet. However further down the list, One Direction is back with a message from Louis Tomlinson. Unfortunately it seems there’s not that much love for Niall Horan, sure he’s stil in the top ten, but in eighth place behind King Salaman, King of Saudia Arabia, and of course Kanye West.

Further down the list we’re reminded of one of this year’s many losses, Leonard Nemoy, who posted a fairly poignant Tweet just days before his death. And of course who could forget the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner earlier this year. Another event which blew up the micro-blogging site.

Twitter had a pretty interesting year itself as it celebrates having 320 million active users and over 1 billion unique visits a month. Here’s to another great year, Twitter!