Twitter’s new emoji’s mark the COP21 Climate Change Conference

Twitter is once again introducing custom emojis and has put together some new icons, activated by using select hashtags, to mark the United Nations COP21 climate change summit in Paris.

Given how much Twitter is used these days for just about everything it is a good move from Twitter to create these emojis and hashtags. The set include an Eiffel Tower embedded withinin a green leaf (the official logo of the summit), a standard Eiffel Tower and a heart-shaped earth. The hashtags for these emojis are #COP21, #GoCOP21, #ActionDay and #ClimateChange.

The two week COP21 summit is a key step towards a change in governments attitude towards climate change. The main goal of the summit includes a major agreement between world states to limit global warming to 35.6 degree Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius). Financial deals regrading the handling and distribution of infrastructure funds from developers countries to developing nations and much more.

The summit is being attended by more than 150 world leaders and is under a lot of pressure this time around as talks have no lead to much resolve in the past. With global warming an ever growing issue to all life on the planet it because more important every minute that action is taken.

With Twitter stepping up to put in place official hashtags and emojis it should help to give world leaders and media outlets a clearer idea of just how vocal the everyday user is regrading the summit. Additionally who doesn’t love an emoji on their feed? A picture, or icon, is worth a thousand words rights?

The COP21 summit does however take place in the shadow of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. French President Francois Hollande pointed out a link between the rise in global terrorism and gobal warming during the opening speech of the COP21.

[su_quote cite=” Francois Hollande”]“I can’t separate the fight with terrorism from the fight against global warming, these are two big global challenges we have to face up to, because we have to leave our children more than a world freed of terror, we also owe them a planet protected from catastrophes.”

The two week summit may or may not lead to a resolve that people want but at least with Twitter aiding it will be easier to get your option heard. So go and post those emojis and show your support for world leaders to act on climate change.

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