Despite two pretty big titles launching last week, thanks to Black Friday sales continuing throughout last week, EA Sports’ FIFA 16 remains strong in the top spot claiming its sixth number one title and with Christmas shopping season beginning, chances are it’ll remain there until Christmas.

The top 3 actually remains unchanged this week with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 remaining in second place and Star Wars Battlefront in third.

In fourth place we see this week’s first debut, and that’s Just Cause 3, Square Enix’ explosive open world title which launches for the first time on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The third title in the series managed to do pretty well for itself too scoring a weekone high for the series.

Fallout 4 slips down to fifth place remaining pretty strong against this weeks second new entry, Rainbow Six Siege. It seems the game’s various betas maybe left a bit of a bad impression on the game?

Finally, Xenoblade Chronicles X fails to get into the top spot this week debuting in twenty eighth place.

Once again we see a familiar clash of the titans at the top spot this year, with Call of Duty and FIFA battling it out for Christmas number one.

Here’s the full rundown for this week:

  1. FIFA 16
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
  3. Star Wars Battlefront
  4. Just Cause 3
  5. Fallout 4
  6. Rainbow Six Siege
  7. Minecraft: Story Mode
  8. Grand Theft Auto V
  9. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
  10. WWE 2K16

As reported last week, this marks the first week that the mobile charts are also being accounted for thanks to a partnership between UKIE and Reflection.

So here’s the top ten mobile games both free and paid:

Top 10 free iPhone:

  1. Twist
  2. Weed Firm: RePlanted
  3. Real Boxing 2 CREED
  4. Smashy Road: Wanted
  5. Hop Hop Hop
  6. Killshot Bravo
  7. Blossom Blast Saga
  8. Mobile Strike
  9. Piano Tiles 2
  10. Episode

Top 10 paid iPhone:

  1. Football Manager Mobile
  2. The Chase
  3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  4. Heads Up!
  5. Bangers Unlimited Pro
  6. Storage Hunters UK
  7. Monopoly
  8. Minecraft: Story Mode
  9. Tipping Point
  10. Geometry Dash.

The mobile gaming charts are split into both iPhone and iPad, with each format having their own dedicated games, however from now we’ll only be reporting the iPhone charts. For the full chart rundown, head on over to UKIE’s post.


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