It’s that time of year again when we all get a bit silly when it comes to decorations. We’ve all likely climbed into the no-man’s-land that is the attic and have dusted off that massive box of decorations, but before you go slapping flashing lights everywhere, consider this: is having a flashy house more important than your Wi-Fi?

Tough question, right? But if you want the flashiest house on the street you may have to sacrifice your Wi-Fi signal because a new report suggests that your obnoxious decorations could be interfering with your Wi-Fi.

Everyone’s favourite telecoms watchdog¬†here in the UK, OfCom, is reporting that around this time each year, the company receives more than the usual amount of complaints about crappy Internet performance. It’s apparently a seasonal issue with Internet Service Providers receiving a spike in complaints during December – usually around the time the Christmas decs are dusted off and untangled.

Of course, electrical interference has always been an issue with Wi-Fi, something the Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering is hoping to solve with Wi-FM, so it comes as no surprise that our yearly light show is the biggest culprit for interference¬†in December.

Along with the warning, however, OfCom has released their own app to help with problems. This Wi-Fi Checker app scans your Wi-Fi for any possible problems and offers solutions, though said solutions are very generic such as; moving your router, and avoiding any electrical interference nearby.

Though ideally, you should stick your lights away from your router, I mean, Christmas is stressful enough as it is without having terrible Wi-Fi, right?

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