Publisher 3D Realms latest title Bombshell is soon to release as they announced that the title will be available next week.

3D Realms announced that Bombshell has gone gold, their first game to do so for an entire decade, and is set to release for PC on January 29. The game, which you can find on Steam, will retail at $34.99 or your regional equivalent with a digital deluxe edition retailing for $39.99. This version will include a digital soundtrack, digital art book and a digital world map.

3D Realms have also said that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be available later this year so if your on console, hold out for those.

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Created by the developers behind the 2013 title Rise of the Triad, comes the isometric action role-playing game Bombshell. Starting Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison players will journey across a number of planets powered by the Unreal Engine in an adventure to rescue the president, save the world and kick ass. So real the standard for any mercenary for hire turned hero. You can learn more about the Bombshell world and characters at the website.

Originally, the game was supposed to be a Duke Nukem title, but due to a bit of a hoohar with Gearbox, the company who currently owns the Duke Nukem IP, 3D Realms had to quickly change things up a little.

Bombshell will be releasing next week, Janurary 29th on PC with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release sometime later this year.

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