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It’s become common knowledge now that using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before going to sleep is probably the worst thing you can do. So much so that researchers have called for developers and manufacturers to incorporate some sort of Bed Time Mode into their apps and devices. Oddly, it seems like Apple has listened.

In the upcoming iOS 9.3 update, a new mode will allow you to get off to sleep more easily and still enjoy using your smartphone as you’re whisked off to the land of nod. It’s called Night Shift and is a simple feature which allows you to set a specific schedule for your screen to emit a more warmer colour than the stark bright display you’re usually used to.

The reason for the lack of sleep after using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is due to the blue light being emitted from the screen which prevents a certain chemical in the brain, melatonin, from being released which in turn prevents us from actually falling asleep.

Getting setup is simple, just head to the Settings menu, then over to Display & Brightness, then you’ll be able to see some new “Blue Light Reduction” and adjust the warmth of the colour to a warmer or cooler temperature. You’ll also be able to set a schedule for when the feature is activated or deactivated.

Here’s a Vine post of the feature in action.


Of course, using it to its fullest would mean some pretty extreme discolouration of the display while it’s activated, which may not be to everyone’s tastes, so there’s a high chance that this feature won’t be used that much.

It’s also worth noting however that this is currently in beta so things may change between now and its final release, but I for one am looking forward to the update. I love my sleep, but I also love checking my phone.

There’s currently no date for when iOS 9.3 will be released.

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