Shared universes are a big thing with blockbusters right now, it’s already being discussed that they should cross over the Transformers and G.I Joe movies – just like they did in the cartoons. But now it’s time to take things further, much further.

This is all because I’m very excited for the G.I Joe vs. Street Fighter series that comes out next month which has Street Fighter’s Shadaloo and G.I. Joe’s Cobra teaming up for a crossover comic book event.

So what else can we cross these two franchises with? I’ve got some pretty far-fetched, yet awesome ideas:

You know the ninja, Snake Eyes, who hangs around with G.I Joe? Well, what if turned out that the dudes with the Raid trained with him? Or one day he teamed up with Rama when he was on a mission in Indonesia?

From The Transformers side, when that evil giant robot Transformers Unicron turns up, maybe Riddick is latched on the side and he finds himself on another reluctant quest to save the universe?

What if one of the G.I Joe characters who is into cars or vehicles has to go undercover with a car based Transformer help Dom and the Fast and the Furious crew on another car based adventure?


Maybe the US government begins to get really feed up and decide to build some prototype Jagers and combat the Decepticons, but when this all goes wrong. The project is mothballed until a bunch of giant monsters turn up in the near future.

G.I. have an elite set of spies in their wide organisation. What if one day they end up drafting super spy 007 into their ranks? Imagine a Transformer as a Bond Car. That’s totally awesome, right?

Are G.I Joe the best military bad boys in the world? Or will the Expendables crew take that crown off of them? Could Snake Eyes win in a fight against Terry Crews? Would Optimus and Stallone be friends? I sure hope so.

What if Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and some Transformers were proficient in ancient Cybertron martial arts like Jet-Judo or Circuit-Su and were invited to take part in the Mortal Kombat tournament?

Or what if the Cybermen show up and somehow turn the Transformers against the human race and only The Doctor can help G.I Joe?

doctor who

Insane, right? Could all of these crossovers really work? Do you have any thoughts on what IPs could crossover to create an epic movie, TV show, or comic?

Street Fighter X G.I. Joe #1 is set to launch this February and will be a mini-series from IDW Publishing.

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