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DriveClub, the connected racing game that could have been, is still getting full support from its developers Evolution Studios who has recently teased an upcoming update for February that’s going to “pack a lot in.”

Evolution Studios is showing no sign of slowing down with support for DriveClub as they’ve recently teased a new update for the racer which is set to be a big one. In a tweet the studio shared a quick glimpse at what’s to come with the caption “we’re packing a lot into it.”

We’re unsure right now whether the update will be free or a paid update, but it’s likely going to be a mixture of the two. The game’s original Season Pass ended in July last year. Paul Rustchynsky said on Twitter, “We’ll be announcing the details over the next few weeks,” when asked specifically about whether it’d be paid or free DLC.

DriveClub launched in October, 2014 and quickly went downhill as the games servers crippled under the weight of players trying to dive into the connected racer. This meant that a lot of the planned content for the game was delayed for some time until things were stable enough.

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