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It’s 2016, we’re all glued to our smartphones and tablets, and it’s understandable why too, they’re just so damn useful, at the same time though, they’re also really distracting. As smartphones and tablets become more affordable and accessible, children are certainly going to be getting their hands on them, hell, they’re probably on every childs birthday and Christmas lists. But how do you ensure your child is managing screen time with real world development? Fortunately Blocks is here to help.

Blocks is a simple app for parents to help their child manage screen time as well as developing in the real world. Through an incentive-based reward system, parents can reward children with tablet and smartphone use through this innovative app.

So how does it work? In a nutshell, the less the child uses the phone, the more “blocks” they earn. Blocks can then be exchanged for pre-agreed real life rewards such as a trip to the cinema or watching their favourite sports. Blocks hopes to help parents form their child’s good habits in device use at a young age.

This is achieved by paring both the parents and childs device, and as the child earns blocks, it’s synced in real-time via the cloud. So your child can’t have a cheeky 10 minutes on their phone while at a friends house.

Instant goal


In a study highlighted by ZeroDesktop, the deveopers of Blocks, reveals that almost 60% of children aged between 8-12 years old own their own smartphone. A further 21% under the age of 8 in the US also use smartphones.

The app will hopefully help children manage screen time more effectively in two ways with a set of goals. The first is with a “Take a Break” a non-recurring goal which can be put into effect immediately, another “Scheduled” goal can be a predefined goal that’ll recur at a specific time for a certain duration.

The app is completely free and is available from the App Store. There are in-app purchases however.

Here’s a talking point, do you think an app such as this is useful, or should parents and children be able to manage screen time without the use of an app?

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