Groundhog Day is an absolutely fantastic film. Bill Murray stars as a miserable bastard who experiences the same day over and over again until he can figure out how to be a nice guy. It’s a classic movie which must be watched. But what if you could live the same day over and over again? Well, in a new Early Access title, you can experience just that.

Garbage Day is a brand new sandbox game from indie developer Svajūnas Žemaitis where players are thrown into a world which they repeat over and over again. Experience your mundane life over and over until you can’t take it any more. It’s up to you to figure out what’s causing the time-loop, or you could just simply murder your neighbours.

Yep. If you ever wanted to experience the same day over and over again and do whatever the hell you wanted, now you can. Garbage Day has no restrictions, there’s nothing stopping you from going on a vehicular rampage mowing down Eric from next door, there’s nothing stopping you from smashing up your office, or simply taking a leap from the top floor.

It’s a relatively morbid game, but it looks damn entertaining. Check out the game’s announcement trailer above.

Garbage Day is currently available on Steam for £10.99.

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